MAXiMIZE your curb appeal CREDIBILITY you can land on APPRECIATE your asphalt assets

MAXiMIZE your curb appeal

Proper maintenance is the key to preserving asphalt and extending the life of your pavement, indefinitely.

CREDIBILITY you can land on

RejuvaSeal® provides a smooth, durable, safe surface for aircraft to land, take-off, and maneuver on.

APPRECIATE your asphalt assets

Preservation is an owner’s greatest asset. Just as you paint a new house to protect it from the elements, asphalt must also be protected to maximize its life span.

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    To guarantee the best results, and in order for the company to honor it's Three Year Performance Warranty, RejuvaSeal® must be applied by a certified applicator.

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  • Technical Information

    Manufactured to exact specifications, RejuvaSeal is FAA P-632 and Engineering Brief 44B approved. Every batch is independently tested.

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  • What is Rejuvenation?

    Asphalt is a dense, dark liquid made up of rock, sand and oils. It is an organic material that is susceptible to the actions of nature.

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Commercial Application

Protecting the owner's substantial investment, maximizing its lifespan and enhancing its appearance applies not only to the buildings on commercial property...



Airport Application

Airport runways are busier than ever. With the extra wear and tear on these long, heavily used stretches of asphalt, effective regular maintenance is the key...


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    RejuvaSeal is the world's premiere asphalt rejuvenator used extensively in revitalizing, sealing and protecting asphalt paved airport runways and roadways.

    RejuvaSeal’s continued success in both the East and West has led to the establishment of two corporate headquarters in Buda, Texas and Hong Kong, China with manufacturing facilities, support offices and distribution partners located across the globe.


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