Airport runways are busier than ever. With the extra wear and tear on these long, heavily used stretches of asphalt, effective regular maintenance is the key to keeping runways safe for pilots, passengers and the crew.

where-to-apply-airportsLGUnlike traditional asphalt sealers that sit on top of the pavement, RejuvaSeal penetrates the asphalt pavement so it can be applied to grooved and un-grooved airport runways, taxiways, ramps and parking aprons without build-up. It seals, protects and makes the pavement cleaner, smoother and more durable, reducing the risk of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to aircraft and airport personnel.

RejuvaSeal has been researched, tested and proven. It meets the FAA’s new performance specification for rejuvenators P-632, as well as Engineering Brief No. 44B, and the TXDOT specification for rejuvenators.

RejuvaSeal reduces the damaging effects of surface oxidation which is the primary factor in most asphalt pavement deterioration. By eliminating cracks, raveling, stripping, and damage caused by chemical contaminants, RejuvaSeal provides a smooth, durable, safe surface for aircraft to land, take-off, and maneuver on. RejuvaSeal…Credibility You Can Land On.