Application Method

RejuvaSeal’s emulsion-like form makes it easy to apply.


Application rate

RejuvaSeal’s optimal application rate is dependent on pavement design, age and existing pavement condition. A test patch should be completed 24 hours prior to application to determine the optimal rate. In general:

In the eastern hemisphere, where application is figured by weight;

  • Average rate for roadways: approximately 4-5m²/kg
  • Average rate for aircraft runways: approximately 3m²/kg

In the western hemisphere, where application is figured by volume;

  • Average rate for all applications: 3.4 sq meters per liter (15 sq yds per gallon)

Machine application
For applications covering a large surface area, RejuvaSeal can be applied with a precision spraying machine such as a DESCO D200. This compact machine contains a computer-controlled flow rate to ensure uniform application of the material. As a point of reference, a DESCO D200 can treat an area of approximately 5,000 – 8,000 m² per hour.

Manual application
For smaller areas, RejuvaSeal can also be applied manually using simple roller-brushes. A site area of approximately 50 – 75 m² per hour (per person) can be treated using this method.

Conditions for application
RejuvaSeal should be applied to pavements before they begin to show the deleterious signs of age. The surface must be clean and dry with a surface temperature of 10°C(50°F) or above. Depending on weather condition and porosity of the asphalt surface, RefuvaSeal usually takes about 4 to 8 hours to dry.