Commercial & Residential

where-to-apply-commercialLGProtecting the owner’s substantial investment, maximizing its lifespan and enhancing its appearance applies not only to the buildings on commercial property, but also to the asphalt surfaces. Poorly maintained asphalt pavement makes a terrible first impression on customers, tenants and visitors, and is incredibly expensive to repair or replace if allowed to deteriorate. As an effective treatment that is fuel, water and chemical resistant, RejuvaSeal is the most cost-effective solution to extend the life-cycle of asphalt, improve its appearance and enhance curb appeal.

Damaged, cracked asphalt pavement is an accident waiting to happen. Proper preventive asphalt maintenance with RejuvaSeal helps protect commercial property owners from legal liability by keeping their asphalt pavement in good condition.

Learn how the right maintenance plan will protect your asphalt investment, save you considerable dollars and will enhance the likelihood of asset appreciation. Read ‘Maintenance Matters‘ (PDF) brochure and the ‘Appreciate Your Assets‘ (PDF) brochure for property managers.