Where To Apply?

By understanding the life-cycle of asphalt and how it deteriorates, airport, property and roadway managers can save substantial repair costs by applying RejuvaSeal to their pavement before irreversible damage occurs. When applied by a certified applicator, a single coat of RejuvaSeal can rejuvenate, revitalize, protect and maintain any asphalt surface, including airfield pavement systems, commercial properties, roads and highways.



Airport runways are busier than ever. With the extra wear and tear on these long, heavily used stretches of asphalt, effective regular maintenance is the key to keeping runways safe for pilots, passengers and the crew. READ MORE>



where-to-apply-commercialProtecting the owner’s substantial investment, maximizing its lifespan and enhancing its appearance applies not only to the buildings on commercial property, but also to the asphalt surfaces. Poorly maintained asphalt pavement makes a terrible first impression on customers, tenants and visitors, and is incredibly expensive to repair or replace if allowed to deteriorate. READ MORE>



where-to-apply-highwayMotorists want smooth, durable, safe, quiet roads to travel on. With the proven performance of RejuvaSeal to revive, repair and protect aging asphalt pavement, municipalities and state agencies now have an economical and efficient method to preserve the quality of asphalt roads and highways. READ MORE>